Tuesday, September 18, 2012

leo's first trip to california!

One of Josh's High School friends got married this past weekend in CA. We flew down for the wedding and to introduce Leo to his dad's stomping grounds. It was his first flight, so I was pretty nervous. I read some tips online about feeding him or giving him a pacifier during take off and landing which must have helped because we had no problems at all. He was perfectly content. I think he might be made to travel like his mama…or at least I hope so! 
We spent the first day in San Diego with our niece Chelsea & her husband/one of Josh's best friends Chris. We walked around the Gas Lamp area and Pacific Beach pier. Later we met up with our friends Alex, Morgan, and their son Iver for dinner, dessert, and games. It was fun to see them and picture our boys as friends one day!
The next morning we drove to Zuma (the beach Josh grew up going to) near Malibu. Unfortunately we had awful traffic and basically had enough time to dip Leo's feet in the ocean before we had to rush off the get ready for the wedding. He HATED it! Poor kid had never experienced freezing cold water until that. I can't help but love the picture though! 
The wedding was in LA and we left Leo with Josh's sister Tracy. I thought it would be a few hours tops, but we ended up being there much longer. Although it was fun and a beautiful wedding, I missed the baby like crazy. It was my first real time away from him! 
The next day we went to Josh's old ward for sacrament, then to his favorite Mexican spot (we go every time we visit) El Pollo Norteno. After we went down to Rodeo Drive area, got some Sprinkles Ice Cream, and drove around looking at the crazy homes in Beverly Hills.
Leo was such a trooper on the trip. It actually made me excited to travel with him instead of scaring me away. It was so much fun to introduce him to things that we love, even though he doesn't quite get it yet.