Thursday, December 30, 2010


Chinese take out for Christmas dinner. What a good wife I am! Ha..

Jump on it and In and Out

We had a little girls outing yesterday to Jump on it (can barely move my neck today!) and In and Out. 
I have been a little stir crazy now that life is calming down and I am still out of school, so it was fun to get out and do something with my little sister and Josh's niece.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SLC Roasting Co

I absolutely LOVE living close enough to walk places. Last night our friends Stevie and Jess came down and we walked to the Pagoda for dinner. For some reason Josh didn't bring a coat, so we ended up driving to the Roasting Co after for some dessert. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Project Repurpose"

My sister Miranda remakes some of her old clothes, instead of immediately getting rid of them.
I got inspired by her a while back and tried a couple projects of my own. 
Now that I have a sewing machine at my fingertips, I thought I would pick it up again!
Here is a sweater and t-shirt I was about to donate to D.I. Instead, I merged them together and added a ruffle to the collar! 

Post Christmas visit from Santa

It is so much fun getting together with my high school friends. It seems like more and more changes every time, which is bittersweet. One of my best friends, Calli, gets married in a couple months and moves to Florida right away! It is going to be so weird, but I guess it's another fun place to go visit..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Gat" Shootin

Josh has way more redneck in him than I thought.
I think its because his dad gave him a gun right when we got married that he had been saving for him.
As I am typing this, he is sitting behind me cleaning it...point proven.

Christmas morning at the Brubakers

I am still a kid when it comes to Christmas. I could hardly sleep, partially because of excitement and partially because of the terrible mattress we slept on in the attic. Josh and I stayed up talking about how we want to do Christmas when we have kids. Anyway, this year was wonderful. I love being married!
 Waiting on top of the stairs to go downstairs!
 Milo decided to play some carols to set the mood.
Last year Santa brought all the boys a new gun. Now Josh is officially one of the boys too!
Quite excited about my sewing machine!
 Santa surprised my mom with this, with Josh as a little helper. She teared up with cute!
 Mattie knit neck warmers for the girls.
My Mamo and Papa had my talented Uncle Bill carve this for us! At first I thought it was Hebrew, but it is actually our names joined together!

Christmas Eve fireworks with the Joneses

It was so much fun having another family to celebrate with this year!
Apparently it is tradition in Argentina to set off fireworks at Christmas time? I'll have to call my brother and make sure, but either way I like it!

Apple pie for Christmas Eve

Josh did everything in his power to keep busy so he wouldn't have to help me bake. 
I didn't complain because he put our clothes away and cleaned the bathroom!