Monday, December 31, 2012

Post Christmas trip to DC

My sister Miranda and her family weren't able to make it to Utah this year for Christmas, so I decided last minute to go out and visit her! Josh convinced me that he would keep Leo with him since he had taken off work anyway. (I have the sweetest husband!) 
One thing Miranda and I definitely have in common is our love for good food. She made sure to take me to some of her favorite spots and they did not disappoint. We did a nighttime "tour" of the National Mall & some of the monuments there, while her boys were in bed. She showed me around Old Town Alexandria and Georgetown...both so charming! 
It was really fun to just hang out and catch up, but was a little weird without my baby! I couldn't believe how much I missed him. 

leo's first christmas

Leo has a new found love for paper after sucking on all of his presents before we opened them for him.
We slept over at my parent's house on Christmas Eve, so we could all be together in the morning. (Well, at least everyone who lives in Utah)
I love watching the kids excited over their goodies from Santa. Can't wait till Leo is old enough to understand!
We had my family's traditional breakfast of ebelskivers, then went home to relax!  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas!

Although Leo is too young to really understand what Christmas is about, this year was so much more fun having him around. Yeah, we made him sit on Santa's lap...he couldn't have cared less!