Thursday, June 21, 2012

a very strong, very strange one night craving…before I knew I was pregnant!

While trying to recall cravings I have experienced during this pregnancy, the one that stands out the most happened a few nights before I took that positive pregnancy test.
Josh and I were lying in bed and I was struggling to sleep because I could not get chicken wings out of my mind! I fought through it, thinking I was crazy and went to sleep. The next morning, it remained. That night we went to Wingers and got all you can eat wings. Josh looked a little concerned as I ate more in that one sitting than I possibly ever had in my life. 
Overall, I don't feel like I have had any other crazy intense cravings, but I have definitely gone through a lot of phases. 
At the beginning all I wanted were carbs. Josh loves telling people that I ate two bags of crazy bread in one day. From there I only wanted citrus and couldn't get enough oranges, then transitioned into anything spicy (hot sauce, thai, indian), then popsicles and snow cones. 
The last two remain although lately I have felt so full just from the baby crowding my stomach. My appetite has dropped quite a bit. 
The cravings have been funny, but I am pretty ready to get back to normal eating!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blogging break and baby prep!

I often find myself wanting to simplify my life. One of these times happened a few weeks back, which led to me deleting my Facebook (to start a new, refreshed one with more filtering on friends) and somehow that led to me never blogging anymore. Because I'm a horrible journal-er, I've got to keep up at least a little on this blog if I want anything documented! 

I am about 38.5 weeks along now, which means the baby could come any time!
I have been working hard nesting, trying to finish the nursery, sewing little projects, making sure we have everything we need, etc etc etc….
I had my last shower last night. I am overwhelmed with how much love and support we have felt and feel in our life by our friends and family. This baby already has so many people that love him to death.
I feel great, which actually bothers me a little bit. It makes me feel like he is not coming anytime soon!
No, it is actually great and I feel so blessed to have had an overall great pregnancy with no complications or scares. 
Josh arranged for us to go to a breast feeding and birthing class last week. The breastfeeding class was seemingly very helpful and I am so glad we did it. I had no idea about so many things! The birthing class was maybe a little too informative showing about 10 up-close videos of baby's being born…it freaked me out quite a bit. 
I am trying to relax and take in the last little bit of having this baby inside my belly. I cannot believe we get to meet him so soon! We couldn't be happier or more excited. 
Josh keeps bugging me to pack my hospital bags. I have my very last final of my college career tonight, so I am opting to pack up tomorrow, when I will actually feel ready for his arrival. 

Here are some peaks of the baby prep that has been going on around here. Better pictures of the nursery to come…