Thursday, June 21, 2012

a very strong, very strange one night craving…before I knew I was pregnant!

While trying to recall cravings I have experienced during this pregnancy, the one that stands out the most happened a few nights before I took that positive pregnancy test.
Josh and I were lying in bed and I was struggling to sleep because I could not get chicken wings out of my mind! I fought through it, thinking I was crazy and went to sleep. The next morning, it remained. That night we went to Wingers and got all you can eat wings. Josh looked a little concerned as I ate more in that one sitting than I possibly ever had in my life. 
Overall, I don't feel like I have had any other crazy intense cravings, but I have definitely gone through a lot of phases. 
At the beginning all I wanted were carbs. Josh loves telling people that I ate two bags of crazy bread in one day. From there I only wanted citrus and couldn't get enough oranges, then transitioned into anything spicy (hot sauce, thai, indian), then popsicles and snow cones. 
The last two remain although lately I have felt so full just from the baby crowding my stomach. My appetite has dropped quite a bit. 
The cravings have been funny, but I am pretty ready to get back to normal eating!

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  1. Holy cow you're pretty! I love this photo of you. Wanna make babies together?