Monday, March 4, 2013

8 months old!

I am really behind. Leo is about 8 months and a week old now. While pregnant everyone told me "it goes by sooo fast.." That was an understatement. It literally blows my mind that my little tiny newborn baby is already showing signs of toddlerhood. 
At 8 months Leo: 
Smiles and giggles constantly, sticks out his tongue and licks things (yuck!), still hates the carseat unless his window is cracked a bit, is obsessed with jumping, can pull himself up on things but doesn't show interest in crawling, is still a great sleeper (thank the heavens), llooovvveeess Nora and is mesmerized by anything she does, loves baths and has mastered the art of splashing mama, usually takes two or three naps a day and is a different kid with sleep, is obsessed with his dad (no one can get him to giggle like he does), as an absolute wiggle worm and is curious about everything, is very vocal and can be extremely loud when he needs attention, claps all the time (his favorite trick), is starting to wave hello (his newest trick in the works), loves other babies/kids (he's a little friendly thing), hasn't shown any stranger danger yet (which makes me a little sad actually... I want to feel wanted! But I know it would probably get old pretty fast...), lasts a little while in his stroller but much prefers to be held or in a baby carrier, has no signs of teeth yet, is an amazing eater (and is pleasantly plump!), loves water and is getting the hang of his sippy cups, is also starting to show more interest in baby mum mums and puffs, is getting to know the girls at the gym daycare real well and seems to love it there, hasn't had any major sickness or health issues (thank goodness!), is showing SO much personality...
We love this kid so much & really love being parents!