Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas morning at the Brubakers

I am still a kid when it comes to Christmas. I could hardly sleep, partially because of excitement and partially because of the terrible mattress we slept on in the attic. Josh and I stayed up talking about how we want to do Christmas when we have kids. Anyway, this year was wonderful. I love being married!
 Waiting on top of the stairs to go downstairs!
 Milo decided to play some carols to set the mood.
Last year Santa brought all the boys a new gun. Now Josh is officially one of the boys too!
Quite excited about my sewing machine!
 Santa surprised my mom with this, with Josh as a little helper. She teared up with cute!
 Mattie knit neck warmers for the girls.
My Mamo and Papa had my talented Uncle Bill carve this for us! At first I thought it was Hebrew, but it is actually our names joined together!

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