Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apparently I have some allergies!

Since Josh and I started dating, he has been bugging me about seeing an allergy doctor to get tested because of my constant runny nose and itchy eyes. I always knew I was allergic to animals, so I would just try to be more careful around them. I figured I had some allergies but was so used to the symptoms that I didn't think much of it.
This morning I was in for quite a surprise. 
The allergy doctor could not believe that I had never been in before!
So here it is: I am allergic to pollens (more specifically 11 out of 15 kinds of trees), very allergic to grasses, weeds, and animals (more specifically horses, dogs, and cats).
My allergies basically cover the calendar year and apparently that is why the symptoms never seem to cease for long.
It is nice having some questions answered and I am going to look into the allergy shots. 
I am curious what it would be like to not have these symptoms after being so used to it by now!
I bet pretty nice...

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