Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love is cool.

I know some people are maybe sick of me being to cheesy newlywed...but oh well. 
I've gotta say it. Marriage is a million times more amazing than I thought it would be, and apparently I thought it would be pretty cool before since I went for it!
The feelings I have for Josh went from what I thought was A LOT to way way more and they continue to grow every day. 
I love being able to focus on real life things and chase our dreams together. I have the best partner and we make the best team. This so far has truly been the most fun time of my life and I wake up every day excited for what's in store. I CANNOT imagine my life without him or with anyone else. I know for a fact that I married my soulmate and I am so so sooo happy that we found each other (with a little help) and that Josh is the person he is.
This photo was taken a couple months ago at the place I said I love you to him (yep, I said it first and he didn't respond for TWO weeks!!)

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  1. this is so cute! smiled the whole time i read it.