Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lately: the good and the bad.

Good things:
I replaced my broken iPhone and got a new case for $150 thank to a nice genius at the Apple store.
Josh and I may have figured out our Halloween costume.
The mountains are gorgeous. 
The weather is staying nice…for now.
Josh is one month away from taking the CFP.
Our one year anniversary is also next month. 
I discovered sugar-free popsicles.
My nieces and nephews are darling darling darling.
We ate queso dip from Chili's at work.
A lot of opportunities are presenting themselves.
The house we fixed up to sell is on the market.
Nora has been really into cuddling lately. More so than usual. 

Not so good things:
Josh leaves on a boys trip today.
I got hives from lying on Nora's bed…like an idiot.
The CFP is still a month away. 
Josh is leaving.
Looking for another part time job.
Josh is leaving.

1 comment:

  1. your list of good things outweighs the bad! you are doing fine. I would be sad too if my hubby was leaving. but at least you've got nora :)