Saturday, October 1, 2011

Project Baby shirts!

My sister Miranda from One Little Minute discovered a genius way of keeping track of your pregnancy countdown, or the baby bump process.. 

Check it out in her words : HERE

Now, because of such a good response, she has decided to sell "Project Baby" shirts!

Check out the info: HERE

If you didn't catch it...

"Each shirt is $40+$5 priority shipping and comes complete with a red fabric pen for crossing off those weeks as they fly by! Wouldn't this be a cool gift for that good friend/sister that you know is pregnant even though no one else does, yet? Or a fun way to announce to family that you are expecting? So many possibilities:)"

Email her at 


  1. That's so cool. I would love to do this next time.

  2. does this mean you're pregnant?!? what a cute idea!