Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my 13.5 weeks of pregnancy so far.

First and foremost, I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, sweet, loving husband who is literally at my beck and call if I don't feel good or need anything at all. I really scored marrying this guy and I get more excited every day to see him as a daddy.
Josh has been excited to have kids since dating. I have been excited too, but never ever thought it would happen so fast! I still am in a state of shock.
(Hope this picture doesn't gross you out…I took about 5 more tests after this. I couldn't believe it, obviously.)
As far as symptoms go, I am pretty textbook. Nausea, supersonic smelling, exhaustion, overactive bladder, extreme hunger…blah blah blah. 
I have been great in the morning and horrible at night. I dread getting in bed because it's a fight to ignore how sick I feel and try to fall asleep. For a while I was getting up three-four times a night to pee or throw up. I tried taking Unisom (mild sleeping pill) and found myself exhausted and depressed the whole next day. No more of that. I have been trying to avoid taking medicine in general.
In the beginning, I ate more carbs than I possibly have in my whole life combined. Clementines and pickles are now my staple foods. I could eat them all day and be satisfied. I am slowly accepting vegetables back into my diet. The thought of them was repulsive in the beginning. 
I feel like my emotions have stayed fairly stable, but I do find myself tearing up over…well anything touching, sad, or happy. Regarding my car keys, I do have the "pregnant mush brain." I leave them in the ignition, in the door, in movie theaters, lose them in my purse, etc.
In the first 8-10 weeks I gained a lot of weight. I think my then bird-like appetite was in a state of shock and went a little crazy. Since then I have hardly gained although I know its coming. The change in my body has been especially hard and something I am still adjusting to. Right now I feel like I am in the awkward pooch phase...
I feel so blessed to have a (peach size) child growing inside of me. I can't believe we are going to be parents! 


  1. congrats girl! so happy for your cute little family...

  2. Congratulations that is so exciting!! Cute announcement!

  3. Congrats! hang in there with the night sickness.. i had the exact same thing. The day after passing into the second trimester, i felt like a new woman and so will you :) Congrats again. You have an adorable little bump :)

  4. Emmy you are adorable!! So excited for you both!!!