Thursday, January 19, 2012

about 17 weeks down.

Time really kinda feels as if it is crawling by right now. Most people start to feel great at this point…but I still haven't gotten there. I am still pretty sick most nights.
On a more positive note, our baby seems to be doing well! The doctor said we should feel some movement in the next little bit. So excited for that!!
It is still crazy to Josh and I that we are going to have a little boy this summer. While walking with Nora in the dog park the other day we reflected on our life and how things are going to change…we are so excited about everything! It is so cool that this little guy will be ours and we get to be parents!

Here are a few random photos of the past couple weeks…
The kitchen/living room renovation is officially underway! 
Latest baby bump.

Two biggest cravings…ice and pickles.
Excited about my new Frees. They are inspiring my growing body to try and stay in shape...


  1. You're hot.

    I love your bump.

    Everything you touch turns to gold.

  2. Hey em! What type of frees are these!? I love them!