Sunday, April 1, 2012

third trimester!

My sister Miranda sent me one of her adorable Project Baby shirts! I soo wish I would have started this earlier…but here we go starting with the third trimester!

I am now in my 27th week with a 2 lb "cauliflower" size baby growing inside of me!
The past couple weeks have been my biggest growth spurt yet. My belly is actually starting to get in the way a little bit and the extra lbs are starting to wear on me.
I am loving being able to hike, bike ride and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It has been very therapeutic for my body and mind.
I am feeling nervous and excited for this child to get here. There is so much preparation that we haven't even started to do. 
The movement I feel has changed from hard little kicks, to squirms (probably because he's getting a little cramped in there) and feeling a body part pressed up against my skin. I think he likes to sit up in my belly when I'm lying down because I often see a hard ball shape poking out making my belly into a tent. 
I still cannot stand asian food or anything too smelly and I love very spicy mexican food, fruit, and veggies. 
Sleep has become more challenging. I dream about sleeping on my belly.
I still can't believe this baby will be here in about three months. The reality of having my own child and being a parent still hasn't quite set in.
I am excited to start buying things for him and getting ready for his arrival!


  1. i am so glad that you did this! it's so cute! baby belly emmy!

  2. this is so so cute!!!
    you and your cauliflower rock this shirt well.
    xx jes

  3. yay for your cute belly! i love it. i want a project baby day! can't wait to meet little man. xo