Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guess what we're laying on...

The floor of our HOUSE.
That's right. We found the one, put an offer in and THAT DAY they accepted our offer! 
It is insane timing with finals and leaving to Africa, but we are beyond excited.
Okay there is a little bitter side: leaving our apartment.
I mean this is our first place together as a married couple! The memories we have had here are so dear to my heart and I will definitely be sad to leave, but I know wherever we go together we will be happy and the memories will never end.

For those who are wondering: the house is in the East Milcreek area. Cutest little house you've ever seen, but in need of some help (kitchen is first priority). We have a summer of remodeling ahead of us!
Ps. celebrated at Bombay House (one of our favorites) and then met my family at Top It for some frozen yogurt!

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