Sunday, April 17, 2011

My husband may get eaten.

Josh surprised me with "Emmy's day" yesterday. He had the whole day planned out from start to finish! It was so so sweet.
We went skiing in the morning and on the way up to the resort Josh mentioned how badly he wants to see a moose. He has lived in Utah for about seven years now and has never seen one. 
We got up the first lift and started skiing down. As we got closer to the bottom Josh stopped, turned around and started talking to me. Suddenly two moose started walking across the mountain right behind him! As I told him to turn around, two people on the lift above us said "Don't go near those..." But of course Josh screams down after them possibly more excited than I have ever seen him!
While watching him do this, a little shocked, a little humored, I pictured him bolting after the animals on the safari in Africa. 
Let's hope his senses are a little more keen, so he doesn't get us in some serious trouble!

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