Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Without a husband...

I eat expensive food. (okay not that expensive, but buying for one makes a big difference!)
I don't make the bed every day. (I forgot yesterday...and the day before that)
I read before bed instead of making Josh talk to me until I fall asleep.
I spent a lot more time thinking about clothes.
I don't work out very much. 
I sleep over at my parents. (well once, but still)
I watch movies alone.
I spend a lot more time on my homework.
I talk on the phone A LOT. (to anyone who will keep me company)
I get emotional when I think about him being gone. (total baby)
I stretch out in bed, without worrying about crowding him too much. (time for a King)
I throw my sweaters on the couch, instead of hanging them.
I don't wear make up, or wear the clothes I like a lot. (so they will be clean for my trip)
I don't cook.
I don't drink water. (Josh reminds me constantly to drink it, I am lost without him)
I wake up to every sound, because I don't feel protected. 
I am not as giddy.
I feel like my other half is missing.

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