Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nora update...because ya know... it has been a while.

Nora is extremely smart. We literally work for only a couple days on new tricks and she has them down! Here are some of her quirks: 

She is not allowed in our bedroom and knows it, so when we are in there, she is usually in this position in the doorway with that pouty face. There is a big mirror right inside the doorway and she sometimes does a little army crawl to catch a peak at herself. She is obsessed with mirrors! Or maybe just vain? 
Nora loves driving in the car and has got the drill down. She jumps right in and makes herself comfortable to fall asleep. The other day Josh basically forced her to stick her head out the window, and she now does it without hesitation. In fact, I basically have to hold her back from jumping out!
 She now not only plays with her toys, but shreds them. This is her "I'm caught" face, even though she isn't doing anything wrong except now my favorite sock monkey toy of hers is destroyed. Guess it's better than the furniture...
She is completely disinterested in food. There has to be no distraction at all for her to eat, and it's usually when we aren't looking. I've heard this is normal with Vizslas and she is definitely growing, so I'm not worried.
I'm pretty sure she is now completely comfortable being apart of our family. She basically owns Josh's heart and I'm pretty sure he would do anything for her. I almost don't remember the days of not checking if dogs are allowed in stores because Josh refuses to leave her home. 

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