Monday, July 18, 2011

Our DIY bedroom

Our bedroom is in the basement of our new house. It has it's pros and cons. One con is that we couldn't fit our bed or box springs down the stairs! We had to search for a split queen box springs. Instead of buying a new bed, I decided to make a headboard instead! It was actually a really fun project...and now that I know how it's done, I'll definitely do it again. The night stands are from Ikea which I put together all by myself (Josh laughs because one leg already had to be redone...) The elephant is from Thrift Town, which I spray painted white. I also made the European shams. The lamps are from Home Goods and the framed antique advertisements are from Italy. 

This is practically the only pseudo-done room in our house. Although these pictures look yellow, there really is good lighting and a clean feel in our bedroom. We love it. Hopefully I will have more of our house to show soon! (and I'll post about making the headboard later)


  1. Looks darling!

    psst: you can adjust your white balance to "tungsten" while taking indoor photos...or adjust the temperature in iphoto towards the blue until the white in the photos look white. I have to do one or the other ALL the TIME, but unlike you it is because the lighting in my apartment is horrible! Love you.

  2. thanks ellen! should have had a professional like you do it though!

    thanks mir. haha. i kinda posted in a hurry, so i decided not to worry about it.

  3. Emmy! Howd you make your headboad?? Its super adorable i love your decor! Ps congrats on being a mommy! Leo is a doll! Miss you