Monday, August 29, 2011

Lately with photos.

The kids have been in an art class all summer in Park City. They hosted a gallery stroll for all the family to come see their art. Adorable. 
Josh started off sugar a few weeks ago, so cherries are now officially both of our movie treat. 
Elle is a fish and gets a little too brave on the diving board. She hit her face pretty hard.
Nora is getting HUGE. I can barely hold her. I miss baby Nora, but am excited for her to calm down a little. 
And today, I dyed my hair even blonder. A little odd with summer wrapping up...but I thought what the heck.
Obviously a lot more has been going on like me starting a new job and Josh being the kind of yard work.  He rules. Marriage is awesome for those wondering...


  1. cutest hair! how blonde did you go? lovey love it.

  2. You look awesome, Emmy, love the blonder blonde.
    Poor Elle! Norah is so cute. I want to know about your new job!
    Miss you tons gus.