Friday, August 12, 2011


My sister just posted about going off of sweets. Her and her husband decided to go for it, then were bombarded with irresistible sweets while in town. My husband apparently has gone off as well!

It has been about 5 months for me now. No, I haven't lost much weight, but my body feels so much better. I hardly ever get stomach aches now and I feel like my appetite has gone down. 

Have you ever gone off sugar/sweets? Try it! 
Tip: be prepared to eat A LOT of fruit. When delicious treats are around...just don't entertain the thought. Move on! (You'll feel better anyway!)

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  1. hey! so this is random, but i found your blog and need to ask permission to use one of the photos i shot of you and your husband at amelia lyons shoot shop in vegas on my new website/blog that i'm launching in a couple days. AND SMALL WORLD, i know your sister. my twin was a sorority up at the U together.

    anyway, if you could let me know, that would be awesome! it's