Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a list of some of the things we experienced this year...

(Portrait by Birds of Ashmae)

In our one year of marriage we:

Moved in to our first apartment together downtown.
We tried out iFly and did lots of Flowriding.
We had a gnome Christmas party at our cabin in Midway.
We celebrated our first Christmas together as a married couple.
Josh got two guns.
We took many, many walks downtown.
We have experienced my good and bad cooking experiments. 
We celebrated New Years Eve at our apartment with friends and never got all the confetti off of the ground.
We got our wedding photos and reminissed on that wonderful day.
We did some skiing.
We started going to the gym together, then stopped shortly after.
We spent my 22nd birthday in San Diego.
We enjoyed a ski day together in celebration of Valentines day.
Josh spoiled me on actual Valentines day. 
We took pictures with some photographers as a couple.
We took a little Vegas getaway. 
We attended a million dollar movies.
We had a lot of friends get married and join the club.
My mom took us skiing for HER birthday.
My sister Chelsea and her family moved to Utah.
We discovered my many allergies.
We explored a lot of new restaurants and spent too much time at Hatch Family Chocolates.
I chopped my hair off.
We bought our first house.
Josh graduated with his MBA in Financial Planning.
I got an internship, then job with an advertising agency.
We honeymooned in South Africa!
We planted our first garden.
We enjoyed Lake Powell a few times.
We took friends boating.
We stopped eating sweets.
We went camping with friends.
We became parents to the cutest doggie in the world.
Tow of my sisters had babies.
We went to the Oakley rodeo.
We had a BBQ in Provo with Josh's old roommates and their wives for the Fourth.
Josh discovered Molca (now Hector's).
We scootered with friends to Lone Star.
I made a head board.
Josh grew his hair really long.
We went to Quincy for a family reunion.
Josh turned 29!
We went to Lagoon.
We went four-wheeling and had pictures taken for an advertisement.
We went to Hebgen Lake.
We went to Josh's 10 year High School reunion in CA.
We went to Mary Poppins.
We painted a room together in our house.
We bought another house to flip.
I learned to be a little more crafty.
We went to Thriller.
Josh went on a boys trip to St. George to bike.
We held a Halloween party at our house.
We laughed A LOT.
We learned A LOT. 
We fell MORE in love.
And much much much more.

This year has been so amazing. Of course there have been ups and downs and we have had to go through some trials, but we feel so blessed everyday to wake up next to each other and go about conquering the world together.

Can't wait for a million more!!

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  1. this is so beautiful! and it was fun to read all the amazing things you both have done together in just one short year! can't wait to see what the next year brings!
    xo TJ