Tuesday, November 15, 2011

se vende.

Here are a few pictures of Josh and my first investment house. I really wish I had before photos…duh! Anyway, we moved into our house about 4-5 months ago with the idea of remodeling the kitchen and a couple other spaces. Instead, we took our remodel money and bought another home to flip out in Taylorsville. It was a very quick and simple process…everything was basically hired out. We wanted to just do simple changes that would make a big difference and get it back on the market. We feel so blessed that it worked out so well and we have a buyer who looks very promising. 

We are definitely going to do this again soon and next time I want to be more involved in the design process, since I won't be as busy. This was a great learning experience and we are happy to have our feet wet. Now I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes through and the house closes in a week or two so I can start my kitchen! Wahoo!

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