Monday, March 5, 2012

my mama had a birthday!

It is impossible to express how blessed I feel to have the mother I do. 
This woman loves her kids so selflessly and would do absolutely anything for them. 
She is a woman I truly look up to so much and hope to be like as a mother. 
Anyone who knows her loves being around her genuine smile and contagious sense of humor. 
She makes life fun and is so passionate about the things that matter.
She is so beautifully creative in every way.
Her listening ear is beyond compare and the advice she gives is invaluable. 
She is my best friend and I love her so much!
THANK YOU for being so amazing mom.


  1. happy birthday to your mama!
    mom's are the best.
    xx jes

  2. I love Tani!! She is so amazing and has taught me a lot. She gives great advice! Send her my love. -Mallory