Tuesday, March 27, 2012

today is a very special day. do you know why?

Our little girl turns one today! 
Yeah…we are those dog people. 
I have to admit that last summer when Josh brought her home, I wasn't sure I was ready for it. But having her has brought so much fun into our lives. She has brought us closer as a family and makes us laugh daily. 
I really think that Nora was suppose to join our family…she fits in so perfectly!
She has been good preparation for our baby boy and I'm excited to see them grow up together. 

In the last year:
"Trixy" and her litter was given to the Colorado Vizsla Rescue along with another litter (where her cousin Axel came from).
We were interviewed in our home to make sure it was suitable for this type of dog (they take adoption very seriously).
Josh and his brother drove to Colorado to pick their dogs up.
He came home with the cutest green eyed, long legged puppy I'd ever seen.
We renamed "Trixy" to Nora…much better!
She started very unsure and nervous when we took her out.
Little by little she got more comfortable with us and her surroundings.
She is extremely smart and learned tricks basically overnight.
She mastered road tripping and literally could sit forever quietly in the car.
She learned to like water, but it still nervous to swim.
She has met many many friends at the dog park and could outrun any dog.
She has become very friendly with people, but is still working on not jumping on them.
We tried to not let her in our bedroom, but couldn't resist. (she is currently lying on our bed behind me)
She is so happy outside and is the ultimate explorer.
She is super cuddly and loves being around you.
She never grew into her legs and is so skinny!
She is learning to be more independent in our house and use her dog door.
She has transformed into such an amazing dog and I can't imagine not having her!


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