Thursday, March 29, 2012

nora's birthday bbq

Nora wants to thank her friends Lucy, Axel, Tiki, Moby and all of her human friends for coming to her birthday party. And she apologizes for being a greedy birthday girl and not sharing her enormous bone. Even though Lucy could have easily stolen it from her whenever she wanted to. She also wants to forgive Axel for PEEING on her mama. (He really lifted his leg and peed on me!!)

Okay but really…how awesome is it that bbq/outdoor everything season is basically here! I couldn't be happier. 


  1. i love these so much! moby being a little baby and hiding in-between jeff and i. and the dog pee picture! that was so funny!!! i think nora had a great birthday!

  2. and i love jeff and elle. jeff just such a kid at heart!

  3. haha moby killed me. and i love the pic of jeff and elle so much.