Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fight For Your Life

Yesterday Josh and I decided to go to a kick boxing class since we can't go to the gym in the morning on Wednesdays. He came home and told me he had found the perfect place, so we got dressed and on our way. 
We drove through some interesting neighborhoods and ended up really in the middle of nowhere. Low and behold only a couple minutes later I see a sign that says "Fight For Your Life Boxing and Fitness."
I was a little nervous stepping out of the car and in to this unfamiliar place... especially after expecting a normal kick boxing class at the usual gym. 
I kept laughing because this place was SO Josh to me. And of course he took me to a real boxing class, where I learned what a left hook is and got to practice shifting my weight the right way while punching a bag.
The instructor was so impressed with Josh, he even called his push ups "The money push ups."
For me, it was a good/funny experience. For Josh, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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