Wednesday, January 19, 2011

South Africa

Before Josh and I got married, we decided to wait on immediately going on a honeymoon. Instead, we are headed to South Africa right when school gets out!
I am starting to get really excited...although I am leaving the planning to him (which is totally not in my nature).. 
Anyway, here are some pictures that got my giddy today!


  1. Hey Emmy -- I don't know if we've ever met. I am Alex Osborne's little sister. Josh is one of my favorite of Alex's friends! Anyway- your blog is cute and I'm glad you guys are happily married now!
    What are you going to do in South Africa?? Sounds rad!

  2. Hey Sally, Josh has talked about you a little, so I kinda feel like I know who you are! Thanks, you are so nice. I am letting Josh make the plans, but I do know we are staying in Cape town and doing a safari in Kruger park.

  3. I am so super JEALOUS! I am in love with South Africa and want to visit so badly sometime in my life. I love elephants and want to just roam next to one. Maybe one day I can be the Jane Goodall of elephants. How exciting for the both of you, to take such a beautiful adventure. Bring back an African baby for me!