Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The skinny-ing doesn't stop

The other day Josh called to me from our bedroom...this is what I saw when I walked in there. 
With a little smirk on his face he said "Okay, pick all the ones you don't like." 
Apparently he got sick of me making fun of him (lovingly of course!) due to some of pretty outdated ties.
He was left with maybe half...
So, the search began for more up to date, but still professional looking ties.

For Josh and my wedding, we skinny-ed all the ties for the groomsmen and my mom even made bow ties for the dads and grandpas. They all turned out well and we were pleasantly surprised with how simple it is! 
Well, it has changed my perspective on ties. Instead of spending a fortune on new ties, we find good looking ones at Deseret Industries (there are so many..and great brands!) and skinny them a little bit to make them a little more modern. 
Here is a short overview of how it is done:
 Using a seam ripper to get started, gently open the back of the tie.
 Pull the liner out of the bottom and mark with a pencil about the width you are happy with. Cut the liner and put it back where it was.
 You may want to cut a little fabric from each side before folding the sides over and pinning it where you want it.
Stitch the back up cautiously to not pierce through the front of the tie. 
Steam the tie depending on the fabric.
There you have it. $1.00 ties that look brand new!
(if you are wanting to try it out, let me know and I will give better direction and a few tips..)

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