Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A glimpse of our future

Josh and I took Nora to the dog park last night. We ran into two fully grown Vizslas there who were insane! They ran around, knocking other dogs over (and almost me), jumped in and out of the water like it was nothing, and did not stop, not even for one second. We have a theory that Nora feels more comfortable with her own kind because something happened in her brain that apparently made her think she was old enough to keep up with them and she didn't stop either, only getting trampled a couple of times. 
Eyes wide, I kept looking at Josh like "did you know what we were in for?!" He assured me that he did and talks multiply times a day about how excited he is to exercise with her when she's big enough. Seeing as how she needs at the very least two hours of exercising a day, this might be a way to keep us both quite in shape.


  1. haha, i love this story. Nora and Moby should meet... it would be very funny.

  2. The good news is they were at the dog park. The better news is that when they got home they probably turned into mushy cuddly lap dogs. That's what makes Vizsla's such awesome dogs. When you get past the puppy phase I'm pretty sure Nora will turn into a perfect Jones: Somewhat good on the inside, and great looking on the outside. Amen.