Friday, June 17, 2011

Our first day with "no-name"

We are smitten. There couldn't be a better dog out there for Josh and I. She already fits perfectly into our family. 

When she got home last night, I had her area all set up for her. She walked straight into her cozy crate and did a few circles. We played with her until remembering how early we had to get up today. She fell asleep as we pet her in her crate and literally did not make a peep until we got her out in the morning! I cannot believe how well mannered and gentle she is...even with kids pulling her ears.

Anyway this morning we took her down to Orem to Josh's dad's house and she helped Josh in the yard. She also played a lot with Roy's dog (another Vizsla).
I brought her back up to Salt Lake to meet Mattie, who was DYING to meet her and was completely in love, and to meet my other sister and her kids. She was so calm with the kids (and my sister's kids are not always gentle!)

PS. I love this picture. She is all arms and legs!!
She made herself quite comfortable at Petco while we picked her out a new collar and leash. 
 We got home and she was absolutely pooped. She fell asleep immediately..right outside her crate!
 She then fell asleep on my back and I didn't want to we lied there for about a half an hour!
Obviously, we adore her. And we are excited. The end.


  1. I ADORE HER! where'd you get her and when???

  2. Let's have a puppy play date!! Got her on Thursday from a rescue in Colorado.